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Gustavo Villavicencio
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Tel: 0385 421 1777 Int. 264. 
Fax: 0385 421 1777 Int. 390.
Slicing criterion = Second guy from the right
The complement slice = Keith Bennett, Gerardo Canfora, Mark Harman, and Tibor Gyimothy. Nice picture Mark, thanks! 

Current Position



Functional Programming

Research Interests

From the beginning I have been working on reverse engineering and program comprehension areas. I have contributed to these areas by proposing improvements to some processes by using slicing technology. I have also proposed the use of program slicing in functional programming (on Haskell code specifically) for reverse calculation. In my effort to contribute to these areas, I am now investigating the role of program transformation (specially program refactoring) in program comprehension and maintenance, but from an entirely different perspective from what is currently dominant in Extreme Programming.


  • Software reengineering: reverse engineering, program comprehension, program transformation, bidirectional transformations.
  • Software maintenance.
  • Formal methods: functional programming, refactoring, category theory, monads.

Current Project

"If aerospace engineering performed maintenance in the same way as software engineering does today, we could have a maintenance operator trying to fix an engine on a wing while the aircraft is flying."

Presently I am working on an innovative use of program transformation techniques during program comprehension and maintenance. More details here.


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  • Gustavo Villavicencio. Software de Calidad. In Nuevas Propuestas, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Diciembre 1999. ISSN 0327-7437
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  • Gustavo Villavicencio. A Domain Analysis Process. In poster session at the XXV Jornadas Argentinas de Informática e Investigación Operativa (JAIIO 96), Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1996.

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